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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

This is a test. Time to write new news articles.

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Kate Birch. Spring of Fever hits the streets in New York!
Congratulations to Kate on the release of her first novel in Mass Market. Here are some of the comments she has received about her work.
-Spring of Fever is a timely and relevant read. As we struggle to understand uncontrollable diseases and pandemics (SARS, Anthrax, and more), Kate Birch has produced a novel that capitalizes on this terror.

There is no known cure for the strain of plague featured in Kate's book, and it is one of the easiest diseases to spread from the air. I discovered Kate Birch in Africa, where she was working as an editor and freelandce writer. I understood immediately the power of her writing and storytelling ability. What I didn't know at the time was that she was also a molecular biologist. For past time Kate would explore the origins of Ebola in the Elephant Caves of Uganda. Yes fun!

Spring of Fever has been brought out by Dorchester with a new cover and new title. Mass Market offering - Lone Star Plague by Kate Birch. It will be a wonderful winter read.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Waldseemuller is the big news this week. The 24" X 36" wall poster is the runaway holiday gift item. Check it out here. Word is out and the phones are hopping. We are still having a little frustration with our web point-of-sale. If you are having difficulty, Paypal is an option. Simply email me and let me know you are paying through PayPal. I will fulfill the order immediately.

Holy Land, Whose Land is in the News again. It received a glowing review from The Professional Geographer the Journal of the Association of American Geographers.
"... a scholarly yet genuinely personalized account, is both a description of the present and an explanation of how this tortured landscape has survived as a religious and cultural mosaic of worldwide significance."
Dorothy speaks "with the ease of a gifted tour guide and the presence of a scientifically grounded , professional teacher."

Mr President - Foreign Rights. Rufus Goodwin's prolific output has not gone unnoticed in Europe. His latest novel, Mr. President, was released in Germany this week. Apparently he has found a loyal readership in the heart of the teutonic continent. The timeliness of this satirical thriller should not be wasted on the American presidential deluge. A man, a hologram, a poet, who can run this country?

Finally, I want to congratulate both Ronan and Stesha, who have landed great new jobs that utilize their innate talents. We are fast becoming the company that launched a thousand careers.

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Friday, August 08, 2003

Lots of news. We received a number of reviews when I was out of the country recently. Dorothy Drummond's book Holy Land Whose Land was reviewed by AP and went national in July. Congratulations Dorothy.
Rodney Broome's book Terra Incognita had been reviewed earlier by AP and we missed it. Sorry Rodney.
Kieran's book Geography and Education was reviewed in Journal of Geography by Joseph Kerski of the USGS.
Finally, the Waldseemuller Map went on display at the Library of Congress and we are delighted to see it receiving the accolades it deserves. Many visitors to our site have enquired how to purchase a copy of the poster. Troy assures me that he will have a sell sheet up soon to make the process simpler. Meanwhile, simply email your request to educarepress@educarepress.com and we will contact you.
September is going to be a busy month. The highlight will be in Erie PA where the Geographical Society awards are being handed down to this years winners. Congratulations are extended to Harm deBlij who was awarded Geographer of the Year and to Kieran who received the Distinguised Scholar award.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Is it too soon to congratulate the Irish team for summiting Mt Everest. More tomorrow!
Tonight in Lynwood Barnes & Noble. Open discussion for first time authors. Will feature Peter Waugh, children's author (The Great Cannon Beach Mouse Caper), Kate Birch, (Spring of Fever), Rodney Broome (Terra Incognita) and Kieran O'Mahony, Publisher (Geography & Education).
Rufus Goodwin's new title Mr. President is now available in bookstores. It is a solid read that enlightens and forces us to think. Rufus' books are always entertaining. Dorothy's book Holy Land Whose Land continues to sell well in its hard back edition. She will be reading in the St. Louis area this month.
Educare Press just launched its new imprint - Market House Publishing. After very little deliberation, Ronan, Emily and Troy forced the day, easily knocking out the other contestants. I would have much preferred Bittern Press. But none of them had ever seen a bittern not alone understand the significance of that day in Germany! Youth, it's lost on the young.
Onward to the BEA. This year we are more than busy in LA, but we are looking forward to a sailing jaunt to Catalina with some movie rights folks - after all, we are launching the scariest book of the year. Keep in touch for more news about the fair and to meet the authors for the launching of Spring, Mr P and Mouse. Oh, did I mention the screen play...

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