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A mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. - Plutarch

A child is not an empty vessel to be filled with knowledge and learning, rather each individual comes to this world already pre-loaded and prescient with an innate schema for living. From here we begin! As adults, it is our task to provide the environment where a balanced home and social life will allow each individual to grow and develop the essence of self - to attain a full and rich life. Based on the Aristotelian idea that the acorn will always become the oak, each individual must strive to succeed as its true self.

Educare Press is dedicated to the idea of independent publishing. We bring a voice and a meaningful message to the marketplace. Educare is proud of our many authors who contribute to the stream of life such wonderful, eclectic and erudite works. We hope that you will find a morsel or two in their writings that will resonate with you and inspire.

It is a wonderful coincidence that most of our authors are elders in their chosen fields of endeavor. We did not plan it that way, but as in life, the cream floats to the top and we are delighted to present a forum for the wisdom and learning of life as expressed through the lens of experience. To the keepers of the traditions and taboos, we owe a collective and great debt. We are honored to present some of their thoughts and writings here.

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