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This plate is the southern extension of the new land. Vespucci explored down as far as the river plate but when his ships became riddled with toredos he had to abandon his quest and return. Consequently, Waldseemuller drew the map into the bottom of the margin since he didn't know what lay south. Interestingly enough, some rivers are drawn on the margin. What's more, he mapped the western coast of the new land with a continuous range of mountains. The Tropic of Capricorn passes through what has become on of the most famous and controversial additions to a map since Ptolemy's first map. The name America shows up for the first time south of modern day Brazil. The word was attributed to Vespucci and the name was later picked up by Mercater who transferred the name to the north as North America and to the south as South America.

The Latin translation reads:
A general delineation of the various lands and islands, including some of which the ancients make no mention, discovered lately between 1497 and 1504 in four voyages over the seas, two by Fernando of Castile, and two by Manuel of Portugal, most serene monarchs, with Amerigo Vespucci as one of the navigators and officers of the fleet; and especially a delineation of many places hitherto unknown. All this we have carefully drawn on the map, to furnish true and precise geographical knowledge.

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